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In the month of March, I implemented kinetic energy, consisting of shafts, gearboxes and a lot more. As well as growing grass, improvements to tile placement, ...

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the seventh devblog of Beyond Technology. I am steadily making progress on the game, I want to finish and release it by the end of the year! I'm also turning 18 at the end of the December, so yeah.

Anyways, let's look at the changes I made last month.

The big thing I worked on is kinetic energy! This is the "power form" the player will be able to get at the start of the game, but it will stay until the end game. For now, there are only wooden versions of the tiles but there will be metal version as well, which are more durable and can take much bigger kinetic energy.

Currently, there are wooden shafts, which are used to transfer kinetic energy and gearboxes - can't decide on a name -, which are used to do a 90° turn, in the game, you will see what I mean in the pictures and the video. The thing with kinetic energy in my game is that it is not transferred, its static. A certain machine, let's say a sawmill will require a minimum of maybe 1000 RPM to operate.

There is also going to be a tile which splits the kinetic energy to 2 separate sides and a tile, which turns positive kinetic energy into negative kinetic energy and vice versa, basically flips the directions of the kinetic power.

provider all

As well as that I also made some changes and improvements to tile placements, if a tile has a flip component you can now flip it in the x and y directions. The same goes for the rotate component.

tile placement

I also wanted to get into crops soon, so I programmed a growable component. Right now it is only used to let grass grow. It has 3 growth stages.


I also worked on some under the hood stuff! I made some progress on recipes registration, used for crafting, which will hopefully be in the next devblog!

That is it! Be sure to write feedback in the comments!

See you in the next one,


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