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Catching up on all the latest CardLife news as we gear up for our huge update!

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Greetings Founders, and welcome to the 62nd and 63rd installments of the CardLife DevBlog!

The New Producer

Since I get to write the next couple of DevBlogs for you guys, let me introduce myself. My name is Csaba and I am the new Producer on the team.

Some of you might already know me from Discord or from the forums where I try to collect all your feedback about the game and I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you all to keep doing it! It’s great to see how involved some of you are and to speak with our players directly.

When I am not digging through the forums or Discord my main task is to make sure the project is delivered on time and according to the requirements and standards of Rich, our Co-Game Director. Or getting the occasional late night food for the team. :)

The long awaited update...

For the last week the team has been working hard to finalise and get ready our next update. So let’s dive in and see what to expect. There is no exact date yet, but we hope to launch it sometime during next week.

The Goblins, Imps, Raptors and Prototype Golems are all trained and ready to take over the CardLife world so expect to encounter more enemies and dangers. Using this chance to work on creatures, Cian has improved the pathfinding of the them so hopefully there will be less creatures stuck on obstacles.

Mike & Thor were busy creating all kinds of icons for the new resources for the game and a lovely Clothing Rack which will be used alongside the Forge and Furnace. The Clothing Rack might not be coming in the next patch, but the Forge and Furnace are raring to go!

We also introduce two new attributes, armor and resistance. Armor will help reduce the damage you take from creatures during a fight and resistance will allow you to have a chance to completely negate all damage from an attack. The creatures have also inherited these two new stats.

Elite creatures are now introduced to the world, but they will be very rare and hard to find. Killing one of these creatures will cause a Creature Soul to drop which you can then equip to gain some additional stats - currently this just includes armor and resistance, but in the future it will also give you health, stamina, mana and other secondary stats like critical chance. So to those of you who run into one of them, well… the best of luck to you sir!

Server Reset

With this new update we will also reset all the servers and clear all the data. This means that all the creation, buildings and items in your inventory will be cleared and only items from age one will be available. Sam touched on this in the last DevBlog so please head over there if you want more information.

New Drops, New Creatures, New Recipes

Now that we have added the new world drops, creatures and recipes the game feels a lot more involved. Crafting now feels like you are actually collecting the resources you would need to craft that item rather than just having a single material recipe, which makes the game feel much more rich.

The world is now a lot more deadly with the introduction of the new creatures both above and underground - but fortunately Mike and Alessio have been hard at work and you can now equip a full set of armor to help you fend of these beasts. Tools and weapons also now have durability and after extensive use, they can break. So make sure you have spare tools on you when you go on a long expedition or your survivability will be significantly reduced!

The Forge and Furnace are now key parts of crafting with the Furnace allowing you to smelt ore into ingots and the Forge allowing you to craft metal items. You will still be able to craft all wooden or stone items through the inventory though.

With the permission system you can now claim your own space and share it with your friends, so only you and your buddies can build there. This will also prevent those pesky creatures from spawning too. Friends will then be able to build with you, share resources via crates and access the building.

When’s the patch coming?

With great updates comes a great amount of bugs… This long awaited update has so many changes and during testing it became clear to us that we needed more time. So unfortunately we won’t be releasing the update this week but the fixes are going really well, so the plan is to release hopefully next week.

Silver lining though, the server wipe will take place later and you can keep your buildings and items longer. :)

Some other news

This week was spent with finishing the update. When I walked around the studio today asking for inspiration about what everyone was working on, everybody replied “bugs” - so instead of trying to write about something new, here is a Golem getting ready for the release:


As always if you have any feedback, questions or comments please feel free to contact us at any of our social portals: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and our very own Forums.


Csaba, Producer

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