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In the last two months, I implemented world & cave generation, power conduits and also added some foliage to the game. A lot more content to come in the next one! Check it out!

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Hello everyone,

So it has been another two months of development and today I am going to share my progress with the game! The majority of my time was spent programming all the engine features that I need for the content. I also programmed the saving and loading system but I still need to program the menu for it.

Let's start off with the changes!

World Generation

I worked on world generation and also cave generation. Keep in mind that it was my first time coding cave generation so it still needs a lot of tweaking. There are also flowers, tall grass and bushes in the game now.

world generation

Power Conduits

I programmed a connected texture component which allows tiles to have different textures depending on their neighbours! Multiple conduits connect to an energy grid but there are no producers or consumers in the game yet. The first power producers will probably be solar panels or something like that. Power will be unlocked in the early- to mid-game.



There is also a power overlay mode which blurs all the background and highlights the power conduits! You can see this and all the other things in this video!

Now that I implemented the majority of the systems I need for a lot of the content, you can expect more content in the next update.

Thank you for reading this!

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