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Greetings Founders, and welcome to the 59th CardLife DevBlog! It’s been a busy week in the art department, and I’ve got plenty of cool new things to share with you.

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Bringing The Imp To Life

Brand new Animator Matt has been soldiering away this week, giving the power of movement to some of our new creatures. We’ve got this very cool shot of the Imp in flight to share;

The Imp is going into the upper mantle of the CardLife world, and will be the first creature to inhabit that part of the environment. He’s our first underground creature, as well as our first with flight capabilities, so it’s going to really shake up the ecosystem when this critter comes along!

New Crops Inbound

We’ve got a first look at a brand new crop you’ll soon be able to harvest in CardLife, with this shot of the new flax bush. Flax is in fact a big addition to the game, as it marks the first step in a whole new element of crafting - adhesives. While our crafting has been fairly rudimentary up to this point, tools and weapons will now require an adhesive to connect the different parts.

So for example, a stone shortsword won’t be just made out of raw mined stone anymore, but a stone blade, a wooden handle, and some fiber to bind them together. Fiber is created from - you guessed it - flax. So while a new bush might not seem like the biggest news, it’s an important evolution of the crafting system. Later on in the game’s ages when you’re creating energy weapons using advanced adhesives, it’ll all hark back to this humble plant!

The Golem Takes Shape

We teased it last week, but we’ve now got an early look at the Stone Golem. This isn’t necessarily how the creature will look in-game, but with the hulking beast taking shape, it won’t be long until we see him terrorising the upper mantle in CardLife!

Soul Survivor

One feature we’re super excited about in CardLife is the addition of creature companions. To craft these (customised, of course) you’re going to need to collect creature souls. Golden souls are the final ingredient which will turn your inanimate cardboard design into a trusted ally, and Thor’s been working on getting the soul in-game. That's just one of the applications of this item - when we first implement the Golden Souls, you'll be able to equip them for a stats boost, with creature companions and item blessing being added at a later date. Here’s a look at how the Golden Soul will appear;


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Sam, Community Manager

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