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The first devblog of the year! Read about some upcoming content and a teaser of what will await you soon...

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Hello soldiers !

We want to wish you all a happy 2023! Hope you all had happy holidays and a wonderful New Year's Eve. The WW1 Game Series is fully recharged and ready to work on upcoming updates/expansions for Isonzo!

A small note regarding the devblogs - from now on the devblogs will be posted bi-weekly. This gives everyone a bit more time to work on content for the devblogs, to provide you with some nice information and images. We hope you understand and keep looking forward to these Isonzo Intels.

Isonzo is victorious

Thank you all for voting for Isonzo last year for the IndieDB Awards! We obtained the 1st place of the Indie IndieDB Indie of the Year 2022 Award and are therefore the winners!! This is all thanks to you, so thank you all so much for giving us the award!

WW1 ThankYouPost5 IndieDB 13 1 2

As we said before, there's a lot more exciting content coming for the game this year, as you can see on our roadmap so we hope that Isonzo can be one of your top games in 2023 as well.

Now let's take a look at an upcoming weapon that will join the Italian Front soon.

A new Mauser joins the battle!

Made by the famous Mauser company the Model 1914 is a .32 ACP blowback defensive pistol. It was an improved model of the previous Model 1910 pistol designed by Josef Nickl. The pistol is small, handy, and modern. Though the blowback design was not suited for 9mm parabellum, the .32 was popular in Europe at the time.

Render MAUSER1914 1

Nickl and the Mauser company had envisioned a family of pistols based upon the Model 1910. These pistols would utilize uniform features, something that could be considered quite modern for this point in history. The original 1910 pistol used a weak .25 cartridge; not well suited to military use, but was popular on the private market. The Model 1914 .32 pistol was developed with the .32 cartridge used as a sort of stopgap between further 9mm trials. However it was quickly found to be more than suited to police and indeed military use.


Many pistols during World War One were pressed into service for front line use; to plug any gaps which freed up the Luger P08 pistols for where they were needed. The pistol was easy to use and generally liked by the troops. The 8 round magazine was a reasonable capacity for the period, and while the .32 cartridge might be considered insufficient in today’s conflicts, it still did its job.

Extremely handy and easy to maintain, this relatively obscure pistol would make its way to most fronts during the Great War and continued on during World War Two.

Fruitful Teaser

We end this devblog with a little teaser of the map for the upcoming update of the Caporetto Expansion! Be sure to let us know your guesses.

isonzo teaser

See you in the 2 weeks!

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