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DevBlog #3 The Missing Few - Artificial Intelligence. Getting the AI to open doors and react to lures, noise, and light.

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DevBlog #3 The Missing Few - Artificial Intelligence

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Devblog #3 for The Missing Few. This week we are talking about A.I in Unreal Engine 4, and getting them to react to various noises and lures. In 'The Missing Few', you play as Jack Norwood, a private detective who seeks to unravel the mystery of the disappearances in Staten.



In The Missing Few, we wanted to be able to have the A.I in our game detect the noise the player makes while running, or when you throw a rock/item. As well as having them detect your flashlight if you shine the light over them when there is not wall in the way/obstructions.

Programmers Corner


We highly recommend when prototyping in Unreal that you use BP's so the programmer can get a good idea of what you want, and do fast iterative fixes and bug testing. This way if needed the programmer can use the BP's as reference as well, this ensures you get the results you want as a designer.

The Missing Few.
Thank you for your time and interest in our game.
Stay tuned for more news and updates every week.


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