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Devblog about the natural resources and the enemies in Prehistoric Neolithic.

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Hello and welcome to the third devblog of Prehistoric Neolithic. Today I'm going to talk about the natural resources and enemies in the game.

Natural Resources



Is the most common natural resource in the game. You can find wood in the floor around the world in the game.

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The clay is a natural resource very useful in the game. With clay and sand you can create adobe, for example. The clay can be only found in lakes.

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The sand is a useful natural resource for the creation of Adobe. The sand can be found in "sand-bank" or in the shore of the river.

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The stone is the most valuable natural resource in the game. Is the "best coin", useful to build weapons, walls... The stone can be only found in the rock mountains.

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The player physical life have 10 points(to have a visual example):


pnenemies 3

The bear is the most dangerous enemy in the game, every hit rest 4 phyisical life. Sometimes can be found in the forest.


pnenemies 2

The wolf can be found, sometimes, in the rock mountains. Evey hit rest 3 physical life.


pnenemies 1

Can be found in the enemy village, always will be patrolling the territory. Every hit rest 3 physical life.

That's all. I hope you like it! Remember, Prehistoric Neolithic will be avalible for free the September 21, 2018!

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