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Prototype -> Test -> Analyze -> Refine -> Prototype -> Repeat

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Concepts such as Rapid Prototyping and Minimal Viable Product has been coined and popularized in the app and game development sector over the last few years. The idea is simple; you hurry out a prototype to see if your idea holds water and has a true potential. This was the initial plan for MechWorld, that we would create a rough outline of the game, using mostly premade assets and dirty code "just to get the ball rolling", but it became evident early from the response of gamers and friends that this game has true potential, so instead of steamrolling forward on an unstable and messy foundation - we decided to wipe the slate clean, and do it proper from the very first line of code. This might seem as a step backwards, but in reality - a good foundation will allow us to progress faster with the range of features we want to implement.

StonedLover - Programming

I've started to build a simple solid MMO base for a Prototype. To create a persistent world, a database was created, this will get expanded with each new functionality. So far, it is possible to register, log in, create a 'Mech', and walk arround. Currently I'm working on the Damage System. We want to enable many different Weapons which you can select, down the road to match your playstyle. To enable this; each Weapon needs different behavior which I'm now setting up step by step.

After implementing the Behavior it is important to handle the Damage Behavior. Depending on the Weapon we will enable different Damage Types to your Mech to expand the Gameplay mechanics.

An important topic is hacking/cheating. To prevent this, we will handle all Game Logic on the Server Side which gets the input from the player and validate this Data to ensure no one is trying to get an extra piece of cake.

And remember Kids, Don't Panic.

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