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Details about the British Empire Campaign and a new Gameplay.

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Commander of War: The Great War - Devblog #2

Hello! I'm Terfilis and welcome to the second devblog of Commander of War! Today I will talk about the British Empire campaign, which is finished.

First of all, I'm going to introduce the British Empire nation of the game.

cowtgwdv2 2

As you can see, the British Empire has two unique units (British Infantry and Commonwealth Infantry) and two passive powers:

BY THE SEA: Every 10 seconds in a level you will gain 1 War Bond

RIFLES: The infantry will shot more fast than the other infantry in the game

Also I will talk a bit about the unique units:

British Infantry: Standard infantry, can be upgraded

Commonwealth Infantry: Standard infantry, more cheap but can't be upgraded

The British Empire Campaign have 10 levels against the German Empire, is the second playable campaign and it has a variety of situations.

cowtgwdv2 3

cowtgwdv2 4

cowtgwdv2 1


That's all! I hope you like it!

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