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We’re back with another Devblog - this time taking a look at some of the processes/methods behind the construction of assets for the game!

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Recreating feudal Japan (even if it is just a tiny slice of it) is going to take time - but that’s not to say we can’t use a few techniques to help speed things up! Taking a modular approach with regards to asset creation is one of the ways that we can churn out environment models at a consistent pace and quality!

We’ve also taken this modular approach to designing weapons, as shown by the screenshot below which shows various Tsuba designs (hand guard) on our standard Katana. We’ll take a closer look at weapon customisation in a separate post - but for now, check out some of our latest creations below!

Shinto Shrine - Japanese Lantern

Shinto Shrine - Torii Gate

Note how the colours/materials used in both of these are similar? Even our materials are modular (our art team uses a combination of tools, but these were created using a custom materials created in Quixel, which can be reused for different assets).

Shinto Shrine - Bridge

This bride, like the lantern and Torii gate, was built for our upcoming Shinto Shine map. The materials (as with the gate and lantern) are part of the modular set created using Quixel. Many of the individual assets of the bridge (e.g. the planks, rails, etc…) are modular components as well, that have been reused elsewhere in our environments.

Dojo assets

These collection of assets are the essential building blocks for all our interiors! They can be used to create the interior environments of Dojo’s, Castles, Samurai homes, Villages, etc… Each component is a specific size and shape that allows it to be duplicated and slotted next to each other.

That's it for this weeks news - be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with the latest developments

- Team Bushido

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Beautiful textures.

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