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Devblog that explain the player(hunger, thirst...), your own pet and the Release Date!

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Hello and welcome to the first devblog of Prehistoric Neolithic. Today I'm going to explain the Player(hunger, what to eat...), the pet in-game and the release date.



This HUD show all necessary data about the player:

  • The green bar indicate the player physical life, can be down by enemies attacks. There's no way to fill the bar, only saving and loading the game.
  • The yellow bar show the player internal life, can be down if the hunger or the thirst bar are empty. The only way to fill this bar is going to prey in the monument. To stop the "bleeding" you need to fill the hunger or thirst bar.
  • The orange bar indicate the hunger, can be lowered by the passage of time or eating raw food. The only way to fill the bar, is eating food.
  • The blue bar indicate the thirst, can be lowered by the passage of time. The only way to fill the bar is drinking water.


There's numerous ways to get food:

  • Hunting, you can hunt but you need to cook the raw meat.

sincocinar-> cruda

Raw Meat -> Cooked Meat

  • Fishing, going to a lake and kill some fishs in a mini-game;(you need to cook the fish)


Work in progress

  • Collecting apples.


  • Or building the following buildings: (all the process of the buildings (The whole process of the buildings is automatic, your villagers are in charge, you just need to wait to get the food)

corralpesca 1 -> sincocinar

Building a stable or fishing camp you will get raw meat

campo -> pan

Building a field you will get bread


The only way to get water is going to the shore of a river or lake.


In Prehistoric Neolithic you will have a personal wolf, but you need take care of him because can die. The wolf will alert you if a enemy presence near.


Work in progress

dv1 2

dv1 1

Release Date

Prehistoric Neolithic will be avalible for free the September 21, 2018.

That's all. Thank you!

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