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a small description of the 3 videos of the deblog #1

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Probably this description will hit first than the videos too (the upload rate here in italy sucks) , so i'll summarize what u gonna see in those videos .

1-Modular Combat System : via upgrades and statistics i've got the chance to get C&C a lot more "tactical" for anykind of battlefield you gonna encounter , one of the main target of "Land of the Fathers" is just feel a decent element of tactical and strategical deployment of the assets
2 -Graphical Gaming Approach : the sage engine offers to me for the first time in my life (e-life i mean ;) ) one strong challange , i use to be a 3d artist specialized in mid-high poly models/renders/textures and animation too , in this i'll find my way with a decent or not decent complete mod , so feel free every time to make a complaint on my work anytime you think its necessary , that not means open pointless discussion on national armies , porn , drugs and all crap can pass through your mind , remember that all my knowledge in terms of sage engine depends from contribuitors and other people that helps me from the communities (special thanks to Golan271 , Styggs , Madin , Bibber and Chronosheep)
3 -Factions and Armies are choseen and future developed by a strong politic tought of our modern days/era happenings , if i dont make the ukranian army or the australian army , its not racism , its just "been far" from some scapes that i cant see and feel and most of they're not proper suitable in the Land of the Fathers Plot

c u soon

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