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Two news - a new puzzle and animation fixes. Welcome!

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Greetings, friends! ;)
Here’s the fresh devblog with news for the past week. We are waiting for your opinion in the comments!

1) The new puzzle

We’ve drew sprites and implemented the logic of a new puzzle - Webs. It is placed on the floor tiles.
Webs stops any hero that passes through it. After that, the web collapses. When you re-pass through the web, the hero will continue to move without stopping. The turn cancellation acts on the webs just the same way as on the chests/keys.


2) Animation fixes

At last we’ve fix animation of characters! Those who played our game, could notice problems with the animation of Hans. Multiple visual artifacts appeared because the sprites did not fit well to the bones. That's what we did

  • We’ve adjusted the place of limbs joints, because there was a big difference between John and Hans. Now John has a larger chest and the Hans have bigger belly.
  • Audited all the skeletons (side view, front, rear). Brought them to a universal scale.
  • Re-tied the sprites to the skeletons.
  • Reworked some of the animations.
  • Found a bug when the animation of the character’s death didn’t play after level reboot.

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Enjoy the game!

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