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The newest update unveiling what we've been done in the past two weeks. We've fixed all the major networking bugs now and our big move to Unity 5!

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Hey peeps,

These past 2 weeks were quite a lot of work, we’ve finally moved over to Unity 5 and got a lot of things done coding-wise. In terms of Unity 5, we’ve achieved huge graphical improvements, memory fixes, terrain improvements, a new global illumination system, a new PBR workflow, and the list just goes on and on. It’s definitely a vast upgrade from our previous Unity version and gives us much more freedom on what we can do with our graphical workflow, animation, and a lot of other features that are in Unity 5.

As for scripting, this week we have started to rewrite a lot of things on the programming side as the old scripts weren't scripted properly, we decided it would be much better to rewrite it rather than continuing with the same broken code.

So, we went back to the basic problem we have started with: the movement system. The new movement system includes swimming, climbing, and aircontrol or skydiving. We have also recreated the animators and made it much cleaner and easier to develop with.

After recreating some of the core methods of the game we went over to the inventory system. We’ve fixed the delay problem we had before with getting items and we have implemented a weight system. So the weight system will work like this: you’ll be able to carry as much as you want, but if you get to max capacity you will not be able to sprint and your base speed will decrease gradually.

We also worked on the description and actions box. (It’s placeholder UI, we’re just showcasing the functionality).

Looting is functioning properly now.

Also we've fixed the armors so it works perfectly now.

Furthermore, we’ve added stats to the armor so you will be able to see the bonuses your armor gives you. We also created a new editing extension to help us add more items in the future, so it’s flexible and we can add hundreds of armors, resources, items, etc.

New Menu

The entire networking system has been rewritten from scratch to guarantee better performance. Speaking of better performance, Josh has moved the entire map to Unity 5 and has seen drastic frame rate improvements and visual quality improvements. The map is now running at a stable 60 FPS and has seen drastic improvements on AMD graphics cards as well. We’re going to be doing further testing for each CPU and GPU to offer the best experience for both processors manufacturers: Intel/AMD.

Josh also has made a main menu screen for our game, forgive us for the little amount of pictures this post since Josh was away for the past few days (we know, it’s a main menu but it does show you a peek of some visual improvements with Unity 5):


We’re really pumped for this next week and the upcoming weeks as well. We can finally see the game finishing by the end of this month and we’re putting all our efforts to making it amazing. We’ll be posting weekly updates from now on, that we promise, we’ll fulfill these promises as well, due to the fact we’re all spending much more time on it now and the fact the new coder has gotten on board. So, start keeping your eyes peeled on the forums and don’t forget to post suggestions on there as well, we always like to hear what fans think about it!

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