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Some videos displaying my recent progress on The Afflicted Forests over the past few months.

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It has been a while since I've posted much about the development process because I've been busy jumping around between many small (but still important) tasks that don't produce many exciting images or videos to show for.

But the development process is still moving along at a steady pace, and I am still working full time on this project and plan to have the Steam store page public and open for wishlists this year.

In the meantime, here are a few short videos showing some of the larger things I've been working on in the past year

The Afflicted Forests was previously planned to be exclusively a wave-based survival game, but these wave-survival campaigns are now just an instanced bonus mode in addition to a newly added open world where players are free to roam and quest in the standard RPG fashion. To support these changes, I also spent a lot of time refactoring the quest system:

A new enemy, called the Plague Spore, has also been added to the Afflicted Forests. Here is a short video demonstrating its combat capabilities:

And most recently I have been working on some AI behaviors for NPCs and some unique quests that change based on your faction allegiances. This video shows a Dark Elf Patrol group pulling a cart of toxic plagued barrels, and players who are enemies of the Dark Elves can take on a quest to hijack the shipment from the patrol group, while players that are allies to the Dark Elves can complete a quest to help make deliveries for them.

I am currently working on some final touches to the faction system to ensure that players are able to change their allegiances if they make a wrong choice or want to experience a quest-line that requires them to be at war with or allied with a specific faction. Players will be able to declare war with any faction at any time, and each faction will also have roaming diplomats that will not be hostile to the player even when at war. a diplomat can offer a peace deal, often times for a heavy price depending on the depth of your crimes against their faction.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope you will continue to follow the progress of my game! Please consider following me on twitter for the most frequent updates on this project

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