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So far I've had most of the focus on making the dungeons but i want the boss rushes to be the main part of the game.

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So if you've played Crawling Dungeon you make have noticed theres only 3 maps and when i use them again i just rotate them, i was planning on making each map for the 25 story dungeons unique. But now ive changed my mind and am goind to just use those 3 maps over the 25 dungeons and put my main focus on boss rushes and making them fun and unique. The boss rooms are also all the same just rotated and I might change them slightly for some bosses but i am thinking of just rotating them. I will however make more maps for the boss rush section of the game. The idea is to verse the easy version of a boss in the story dungeons to get used to it slightly then a few levels later go to the boss rush section and verse the real version that will have more attacks and be more unique like how raid bosses have ways to fight them. I want to spend most of my time creating bosses that are fun to fight, not making maps for the most boring part of the game where you just fight some small standared enemies. What do you think of my idea to focus on bosses? Do you think its good or bad? Let me know in the comments below and also ask any questions you might have there. Below are some images of the old maps that i will be re-using, and also showing how the boss maps work by just rotating them. Also do you think i should do a dev update every 1 or 2 weeks to keep you all posted on how Crawling Dungeon development is going

map 1map 2map 4map 3boss 1boss 2

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