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Hi guys since we have decided a release date for our mod I thought I should give you a progress Update but before I start I would, Like to stress the fact we seriously need source Sdk mappers and texture artists.

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Anyhow instead of your standard skirmish gamemode we are going to have a ticket system. were if someone on your team is killed you will lose a ticket or if your enemy team has more flag/capture points than u u will slowly lose tickets.there will be a variation of linebattle game mods that will be added for server owners to easily activate.
We have a new game mod that we can not inform you of until we have implemented it and the release date must be near before we can tell the time gets closer I might release more.details about gameplay.but we will give u a monthly
Progress update.the cannon control will be more lifelike and fun to use.melee system is been worked on for the best result.
So here's what we've got so far
Colt 1861:in the works
Remington:finished and textured
Enfield pattern 1853:finished and textured
Enfield pattern 1861 musketoon:in the works
Springfield 1861: finished not textured
Richmond rifle: finished not textured
Hawken rifle : in the works
1860:sabre: finished not textured
Colt revolving rifle:in the works
Burnside carbine:in the works
Henry rifle : in the works
Spencer repeating rifle : in the works
Hall rifle :in the works
Kentucky rifle in the works
fayetteville rifle : in the works
Character models:
Line Infantry: finished not textured
Skirmish troop: finished not textured
Officer class:almost done
Flag carrier:almost done
Dismounted calvary:almost done
Mapping content:
We have added a large amount of content to our mod so our mappers can get to work early.

Miningtown:in the works
Petersburg:in the works
Gettysburg : not started
Antietam : in the works
Shiloh:not started
Fredricksburg: in the works
Spotysilvania courthouse
Battle of the wilderness
Chancelorsvile:not started
Glendale:not started
Stones river :not started
Fort donelson:not started
Vicksburg:not started
Richmond:not started
Hates Bridge:not started
Cane hill:not started
Fort Wagner:not started
Chickamauga:not started
Bull run:not started

Ok guys thanks for supporting us.
Remember if you know anyone mappers,texture artists etc ask them would they like to help us and maybe we might get the mod released earlier.
Thank you,

Deathace13 - - 196 comments

cool news, you are making A lot of progress

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GravityCat - - 329 comments

From what I've seen so far this mod will be amazing. But don't overwhelm yourself with this huge to do list.

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