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Dev-Test 0.4 released two days ago, and 0.4.1 is on the way!

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As some of you may have noticed, Dev-Test 0.4 was released, but I did not mention it in the news. That was to see if anyone noticed at all. Some people did, and we able to help me find any unnoticed bugs upon release. Those bugs will be fixed in the new update getting uploaded today (but might take a day). I have eradicated the bugs in 0.4 and added a few new features. Such features are: Name on top of player, new menu, ladder climbing, map updates, and those are just some of the things you will notice when playing 0.4.1. Not to Mention, 0.4.1 will have 32-bit, and 64-bit versions. I will release a Mac and Linux version, but I cannot debug it just yet, because I have no Mac or Linux around me. Also, people who have 0.4 cannot play on servers with 0.4.1 players. It will not even show up on the server list. So I suggest when the download gets uploaded to download it ASAP. Relating to the game update, some people have asked me "Joseph, where is the 0.4 update for PSVita?", well recently Sony has pulled the Playstation Mobile License, so the PSVita Mobile engine wasn't ported to the newest version. This means that all of the assets in this version would have to be downgraded to a older version of the engine, thus making multiplayer not work. I will contact Sony to have me licensed as a full PSVita Developer so this issue could be resolved, but in the meantime, play the PC version, but don't worry, the PSVita version is still expected to be released, no delays or cancellations are in place, unless Sony stops support for the PSVita (which will hopefully not happen). Other than that have a nice day ~Joseph

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