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new info about our current situations in need of help from the community indiegogo and plans for it

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new info
if you haven't already seen the new update to the depiction of our game i highly recommend reading that . on that note we are glad to inform you we are on our way with development and doing all we can with what we got ,we had a few mishaps and setbacks but this train will keep on pushing!

we are also in need of people we haven't been able to successfully acquire a 3d animator , witch could greatly speed up development when we have them ^_^.
we are also sad to say we lost one of our programmers time as he now has a paying job to attend to and is very limited , so now we are in need of a replacement. we are now shooting for june 16 for a playable alpha .

on that note i apologize on behalf of the LVG team, for not keeping updated with news and leaving a lot of you in the dark,things came up and had to be dealt with and focused on with the mishaps and setbacks. even today we are still , finding hoops to jump through, but we will persevere and continue with development !

we are also ready to setup indigogogo as our crowdfunding site were just holding back a bit until we can have gameplay on the page ,and we apologize for not having much to show as well. please continue to support us and thank you for your time.

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