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Once again the title covers everything in a mere few words but I need to fill this space with something.

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So, it's been some time since an update on the progress of SIN I figured it was about time to change that. SIN isn't like a lot of other mods we won't just throw something into the world that isn't ready debugging is something I insist a focus is on and we fix the bugs as and when we find them not let them accumilate into a mountain of problems. Unlike Cyberpunk 2077, SIN will be something you can play and enjoy on release without encountering a bug every five seconds.

How has development been going then I bet a lot of you reading this are wondering, slow and steady would be the best way to describe it. We wanted to have a build out last year for Christmas as everyone had been waiting so long but ultimately it was decided more development was needed and that development heavily fell on my shoulders as you see the team we have here is small, one person for each area or several but each person is a specialist. Meltac is our head shader guy so he handles most of that, our level guy Lubos handles the level work and as I'm sure some of you at least will be aware level design for SoC with X-Ray tools is the slowest, most painful level design process on the face of this earth. Then there is me, I handle literally every texture in the game, make normal/parallax maps for them, integrate new features and visual upgrades as well as do a hefty chunk of debugging. We have a couple other guys as well, a few of them playtest and a few help out here and there but we really could do with a few people who could help out on a semi-regular basis at least. If you are one of these people regardless of your skill level drop a message below or shoot me a PM it is highly likely we have something for you to do. Someone who is good with something like Blender would be especially useful for some simple model work that anyone who is good with Blender can probably accomplish in a couple hours, maybe less.

With all of that said there is a build coming together of SIN, this build is dubbed the "purists edition" it is for people who want to experience SoC without destroying the identity but also want to see the original SoC fully fleshed out by having a lot of cut content restored, total mechanics overhauls so the game plays like a finished product rather than the mess we were all given in 2007, new quality of life features, HD models and textures, etc. It's SoC, just better in every way.

So what's left to do with this build of SIN I guess a lot are wondering, not much actually. We have some basic crossing of "T"s and dotting of "I"s to do, Blowouts to test and a nice artifact system to finish (hence why we need someone who can spare a couple hours and is good with Blender to do a bit of model work), and thats about it. We will have updated shaders and most likely an updated all.spawn that will come at a later date to this build as well to iron out some remaining issues and update things Meltac isn't happy about shader-wise but we won't keep you waiting for an entire build for these couple things you've waited 6 years already.

As for what features exactly this purists edition of SIN has the best I can say is you'll go into the game with a level of familiarity but don't expect anything to be the same or work the same there is a huge amount of under the hood changes to make this play how we reckon the devs intended but didn't have the time. It's not just all pretty graphics upgrades in a nutshell.

I think this about covers things for now this news update is getting pretty long, there will be more media but we could do with someone who has the time to do that for us so again drop a message below or PM to me to sort that out if its something you can do for us.

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