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In this devlog we will be going through our weekly progress in creating post process materials in UnrealEngine in order to achieve the graphic style that we want in our game.

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Hello friends!

In this dev log we will be showcasing what we have been working on in terms of Post processing effects for our game!
We decided that a cel shader and object outlines would fit our game because of the aesthetic we are aiming for, so for this week, we worked really hard in trying to get these post processing effects to work and look as well as they could!

Cel Shader

This style is really common in a lot of Japanese games and was originally created in the 90's and used a lot in Anime.
For our game, we wanted to try and emulate that look and use the Hard shading that the cel shader offers to make our game more unique.

image 2023 04 07 143919849image 2023 04 07 143935568

No Cel Shading Cel Shaded

As you can see, the difference is huge since it gives of this Flat Cartoony Look. This is really cool as a style choice since things look really different and unique with it!

image 2023 04 07 144304531image 2023 04 07 144931715
No Cel Shading Cel Shaded

image 2023 04 07 144628337image 2023 04 07 144712291
No Cel Shading Cel Shaded

These are some examples of how our cel shading might look, but it really made a huge difference when we added an outline around the objects in our scene!


This outline is really customizable and can change its thickness and color to whatever we need it to be!

image 2023 04 07 144931715image 2023 04 07 145217848
No Outline With Outline

image 2023 04 07 144712291image 2023 04 07 145345306
No Outline With Outline

These Layers of post processing effects really add up to the style and make our game look a lot better and polished!

This is all for today! We hope you have a wonderful week!

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With love, Crimson Capy

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