Dejima Delivery is a cozy delivery simulator set in a floating island, protagonized by a cute and determined Capybara! While on the island, it is your job to befriend all the different merchants and deliver all of your goods on time!

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Dev Log 11 - House Flipping!


Hello friends!

We have been away for a while, but don't think we haven't been working hard on our game!

Firstly, we wanted to thank you for the reach in the last post, it means a lot to us!

Now on to the changes!

Capy's Bedroom

We thought that Capy deserved a bedroom so that they could chill out, switch clothes and go to bed, instead of doing it all by interacting with the exterior of the boat. This way, the player can buy different items in the store and add them to their room and make it more unique!

Here's a final concept for the room. We will start to model this room soon, and will post updates on our twitter!

imagem 2023 08 24 112118115

The Sketchy Shop

We felt that the sketchy shop was a little too out in the open to be a black market. We wanted the design of the house to reflect that more, so we ended up changing the design of the house to a more Sketchy under the bridge vibe.

Here's the concepts and some blockout modeling:

imagem 2023 08 24 113038270
imagem 2023 08 24 115204962
imagem 2023 08 24 113240272

We think it is important to keep the main features of the house in this new iteration, so we opted to keep the doors, signs, and obviously, the cat window (with those beautiful god-rays inside)!

imagem 2023 08 24 113956188

Apart from the visual updates, we have also made our game fully functional with controllers! The inputs are way more intuitive than before, which was a big issue we had with our testers.

This is all for today!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on what we are working on!
Thank you for reading our post, and as always, have a great week!

With Love, Crimson Capy

Dev Log 10 - Big Delivery!

Dev Log 10 - Big Delivery!


In this article we will be announcing our vertical slice and showcasing our gameplay trailer!

Dev Log 9 - State of Gameplay, Characters and Animations!

Dev Log 9 - State of Gameplay, Characters and Animations!


In this article we will talk about the current state of gameplay of our game, the characters 3D modeling and the animations for our capy!

Dev Log 8 - Props!

Dev Log 8 - Props!


In this devlog we will be showcasing some props our artist has been working on for our game!

Dev Log 7 - Character personalities and dialogue

Dev Log 7 - Character personalities and dialogue


In this devlog we will talk about how we intend to show the player the different personalities of our characters, while also talking about some tactics...

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Wonderful project! Can't wait to see more.

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