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Delving into my first modding project, the StarCraft Beta mod...

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Greetings! I'd like to introduce my first major modding project - the StarCraft Beta mod. I've always been totally enthralled by the beta versions of StarCraft and, seeing as I can't get my hands on them, why not make my own?

I've been working on my Beta mod for about a year now - or rather, two years, looking back to when I first concepted it. Progress has been pretty good, and I thought it would be nice to share it with you guys here at Mod DB.

Now I'm sure you're really here to hear about the mod itself, not how it started, so let's get on with the development log.

Recently, I've completed a few iscripts for units, allowing the Tank to shoot air units and the Guardian to, well, also shoot air units. Other minor things have been done.

I've run into a minor snag with the Mutalisk. I returned to it its old attack, acid spray, however, it works 100% other than that it does no damage at all. Strange, because in Datedit I have it set to 20 damage. Must work on this. Queen is also kinda bugged, it refuses to attack anything with its glave worms.

Current project: Overhauling the Menu graphics. Check out the screenshots to see what I've already finished with the Campaigns screen.

Just a note, for those curious, this mod is most certainly not trying to mimic one certain point in StarCraft development, that would be too constraining, so to make it broader I'm taking aspects from a few different times in SC's history.

Let's shoot for one dev log and one screenshot batch per month, okay?


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