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Hello, my name is Carlos, the creator and only developer of this game, and here, I will explain how the game works and speak of his features.

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So, as you may already know, this game will be a multiplayer top-down shooter, with the aim to be easy and fun to play :D


There aren't a lot of features(right now) that change how it works, so I will talk about those that already have been implemented.

  • Line of Sight: As you will see below, this is the main, and I believe, the most important feature of the game. Here, your soldier have a line of sight, and him can only see thing that's inside of it.

Visao Gif1

  • The host can choose how many teams he want on the map, when creating the server. Some maps can only be played at FFA mode, and others only in team modes, but most of the maps will be available for both modes. This can change the whole game activity. If you're playing a 4 team CTF, your team will absolutely some defense on the flag, since there's not only the other team that can grab it, but others 3 teams.

criacao de server

  • The weapons have the same script to shoot, but different scripts for the bullets, so the shooting mechanics will be likely the same(with only the fire rate and accuracy to set a difference), but the bullet will behave differently.

Here's the M4A1, a rifle with good precision and medium damage.


And here is the AK-47, a hard hitting rifle with a very bad precision.

ak 47

Example(this feature is still to be done):

The 9mm bullet is of small caliber, so it will not do much damage, it probably will not pierce metal and has a medium chance of piercing wood, the chance to ricochet is high and it is a cheap bullet, on the other hand, we have the 7.62mm bullet, that is a high caliber, so it will do A LOT of damage, can pierce through metal, wood, players..., it's chance to ricochet is low and this is a very expensive bullet.

  • Each weapon have a aim range, so if you press the right button, your soldier will be aiming, this way you can see longer but you velocity will be reduced

Meu Filme

FEATURES(most of them will still be made):

Line of Sight: This is our main gameplay feature , you can only see what's in front of you , So always have a teammate watching your six and check your corners.

4 Teams to choose and play: On team gamemodes there will be at least 2(up to 4) teams to choose and play!(depending on the server settings, gamemode and the chosen map)

Maximum of 64 players on a server: Battle epic wars with/against your friends!

A LOT of weapons: This goes from pistols and revolvers to Rocket Launchers and Sniper Rifles! There are 60 weapons planned until now, but this number may increase further down development!

Stationary Defenses: On CTF, King of the Hill and Base mode there will be stationary defenses to build and use, like stationary machine guns and rocket launchers.

6 Game modes: These will be FFA, TDM, CTF, King of the Hill, Battle and Base mode.

Free For All (FFA): In this mode, kill everyone you see with you incredible firepower and try to be the best on the server with the highest score!(Done)

Team Deathmatch (TDM): Almost the same as FFA, but with a team. Help your team by crushing every enemy that crosses your path with bullets and grenades!(Done)

Capture The Flag (CTF): Destroy (or avoid if possible) the enemy defenses to steal their flag and bring it to your base!(Already doing)

King of the Hill: Be the best while defending and holding a strategic point, and make sure to hold it long enough until you have acquired enough points to win the match!(TBD)

Battle: Fight for the supremacy of your team over the battlefield, in this gamemode you dont respawn , so you have to be cautious and always be aware of your surroundings!(TBD)

Base Mode: In this tactical gamemode, your team has a base and one of the players is selected as the Commander.The Commander will manage resourses and build defences against the attacking enemy team while your soldiers try to destroy their base!(TBD)

Soooooo... This is the 1° of many dev post around here, so join next week when I talk about the development of the next game mode, the CTF.

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