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First pics of the Slot Car map. Well its the 2nd day I've looked at this map and its starting to take shape and so I thought I'd share its progress with you as development progresses.

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Days 1 and 2

I've been busy on a number of tasks not all related to the Slot Car map however yesterday I sat down in earnest and set out the basic layout and spent some time adjusting the light to get a basic feel as to what I think it should look like.

Getting the window effects on the outside and inside objects with light and shadow went rather smoothly although I did have a few bouts of unnoticed "fat finger" which had me scratchy my head wondering what was going on ...

Today I've been tidying up the track and terrain and getting the track and bridge sorted. Will need to get the pits for the cars and a few other bits and pieces sorted so they can be added.

To Do :

Just to name a few :

  1. couple of obvious one, fences, pits and other racing stuff
  2. 2nd track
  3. Then add the game play ... players, cars, BOTs, scores, character selection etc

Slot Car

The map is based in a warehouse/garage where 2 large tables exist to hold the 2 slot car race tracks - a typical setup for any large scale model enthusiasts.

The pics below show the first track that's being developed, a track that has a desert feel. The 2nd slot car track will be on a table next to the track shown.

The map's game play will feature the construction workers who your squad must protect as they build that special object required to enable the squad to progress through the level. sorry no clues.

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