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This is the final update for Project Anklebreaker. Let's see what we have in store?

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What’s good everybody,

We’re here to announce that the development of Project Anklebreaker is coming to a close. From everybody on the team, we are extremely thankful to all those who have been keeping up with the development of this project for the last nine months and with this final update, you won’t be disappointed. This is the ‘Its on Fire Update’ for Project Anklebreaker.

Slam Dunking

What’s New

New Main Menu

The game is now ridden of the boring grey title screen and has been exchanged and updated with the new graphics and the Autumn Fountain map as a background.

Game Modes

In the latest version of Project Anklebreaker, you will be able to play a series of game modes to either learn the mechanics of the game or test your skills on the court.

Score Attack – Rack up as many points on the scoreboard within 60 seconds. Let’s see how high you can get.

Multiplayer* - Play against a friend in local multiplayer who can score 21 points the quickest.

(*Multiplayer requires a compatible game controller for the mode to function, keyboard is disabled)

Practice Mode – Shoot around the court and learn the controls.

Score Attack Mode

Main Character Dribbling

New Mechanics

In Project Anklebreaker, you now have a series of moves the player can trigger at any time. As an offence attack to steal the ball, you can kick the other player causing them to stumble using the Offense Button. Want to defend against someone stealing the ball, you can use a strut move to avoid you from falling and losing the ball.

Each Player has a dedicated Special Meter. It can be filled by doing actions on the court ranging from successful offensive kicks and shooting the ball. Once it’s full and you’re close to the rim, you can execute a fiery dunk.

Other Changes

The following changes has also been updated in the game:

  • Materials of the court have been updated.
  • The crowd in the background now has clothes on now.
  • Player Models have been updated.
  • Updated Credit Sequence
  • Updated Audio (Crowd Sounds, Fireworks, Basketball Hoop)
  • New Particle Effects
  • New Rim Animations
  • Bug Fixes

Finally, one of our developers added a secret cheat code at the title screen to gain access to secret multiplayer mode. Can you figure out the code to gain access to it?

With all being said, thank you all for following the development of Project Anklebreaker. This college capstone project was a blast to make with all the struggles it took to get this project up and running, but we did it in the end.

Check out the latest version here: Link

Hope you all have a good one,


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