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An overview of what main changes have been made on items and artefacts in the newest update.

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Hi everyone,

Another update of Blazing Beaks is live. 18 items and 27 artefacts were added in the game.

New items:

New Items

New artefacts:

New Artefacts

Besides balancing and adding new items and artefacts the biggest change was made on items/artefacts drop system. Now a lot of items can be stacked and items now have their own possibility to be dropped. This means that some of them might be dropped more occasionally than other allowing us to make specific items to be very rare to find.
In earlier versions once you collected an artefact of single type it wasn’t dropped anymore in the same run even if you brought that artefact to the Crow in the shop and exchanged it to items. We changed that and now every time an artefact is brought to the Crow it can be dropped again in further levels.

To give players some challenge this update introduces some locked items. Locked items will not be dropped in the game unless they are unlocked by accomplishing specific milestones, for example: killing 200 Acid Zits or purchasing/picking up 100 weapons.

Locked Items

We did not forget our community as well. There were a lot of great suggestions on new items/artefacts. So the list of new items/artefacts also includes some of the community suggested ones.

Community Suggested Items

We also got some feedback that there should be more artefacts that make things very difficult especially for players who pass to the loops easily. We added some in this update.

Hard Artefacts

Since Blazing Beaks has co-op mode, we did not forget to add some artefacts that can be dropped in co-op mode only. Some of them can be the reason of a good laughter for example when player cannot shoot while another player is holding fire trigger, so it’s better to be very careful and coordinate your team actions.

Co-op Artefacts

With all these changes the game became more dynamic as there are more possible combinations that create different challenges.

Detailed information about each and every update can be found here:

We constantly keep adding more content and improving the game and are very keen to see how the game will look in the future. And most importantly we want to say a big Thank You for our community for all the support and help. It's the biggest motivation to keep going and making the game that you like and enjoy!

For those who would love to get more information you can check these resources:

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email us at:

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