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This time we talk about some human characters in the world of Lord of Decay and the threat they pose to the player.

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EDIT: Now with moving pictures for the Priestess. Is it me or is it a little bit dark in the animated GIF?

In the world of Lord Of Decay you will encounter many types of characters.
We'd like to talk a little bit about some of the humans you will come across.

Peasants and Commoners

Fearful Peasant

These poor souls are largely found in small villages and towns or behind the protective walls of great cities.
Most are loyal followers of the Holy Order of Tyrus and spend their days toiling for the local lord and eking out a meager existence.

They are weak and pathetic creatures likely to tremble at the sight of a necromancer and flee blindly should they lay eyes upon the undead.
Their souls already belong to you. They just don't know it yet.



Guards are the lowest tier of the Holy Order's muscle can be posted anywhere. You are equally likely to encounter guards in town, patrolling the wilderness or guarding a caravan.

Their are faith in the Order can only be described as "blind" and are sworn to protect the citizens of their post and banish the undead from the realm of the living. They will attack undead or necromancers without hesitation.

While guards are not overly difficult opponents they will not go easily and are near unstoppable in larger numbers.


Idle Priestess


The Holy Order of Tyrus are not lacking for spell casters, but necromancers fear none more than the priestess.
These are zealots tasked with hunting and destroying the undead and any who meddle with the souls of the dead.

The priestess wields powerful holy magic that can severely damage the corporeal vessel of your minions or even completely dismiss a minion with one blow.

A necromancer is never more tested than when facing a priestess as his horde is usually cut down or rendered useless before they can be brought to bare.

That's just a taste of some of the characters we have added recently. It's important to note that it's still early in the development of the game so most characters you have seen so far are strictly placeholders and are not a final representation of the characters that will appear in the official release.

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