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Summary of Gyrodisc Super League Development of Week Ending 28th October 2015

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New Features

  • New Special Moves
    • Implemented a few extra special moves to be used on future characters including a looping spiral throw, a pointy zig zag and an elusive wave.
  • Unity Curves for Character Stats
    • For a lot of the character stats, we were using a minimum value and maximum value and were linearly interpolating between the two. We changed those values to use Unity’s curve line system. This means player stats can be far more elaborate and we can modify these stats visually.
  • Final Builds of Greenlight Demo
    • Before we retire our Greenlight demo branch, we removed the Greenlight adverts and built out every version of the demo for every platform (Mac, Linux and Windows). We can use these during demonstrations whilst we are reworking our gameplay and adding new features.


  • We discussed our second character. And she has a name! Jess Gyrodski, sister and antithesis of John. John’s serious nature is reflected in his sturdy, symmetrical design, so we’ve been exploring how Jess can look related yet entirely different in personality. Ideas have included wild, barely controlled hair, more cloth in her outfit design and asymmetrical armour.
  • We’ve been planning to add different court layouts since early on, but we had a moment of realisation that a few of the elements we’d been planning may not actually be fun to use. We’ve put together a simple prototype court to mess around with these ideas:
    • Any object that can result in the disc reflecting back towards the throwing player feels pretty negative for the player, especially since the disc moves so fast.
    • Moving the goal away from the back wall (like in hockey) creates a little lane that the disc can get stuck in if the player misses the goal. The results in the players waiting around for it to randomly bounce out again.
    • A switch block object that doesn’t reflect the disc, it instead sends it in a new direction.
  • We looked into ways to automate creating builds (now necessary as we have more than one platform). It seems there are several options on the Unity asset store.

Bug Fixing

  • Jumbotron screen now resets correctly after each match, no longer showing the victory results of the first match.
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