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List of progress for the week ending Monday 23rd of September 2015

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New Features

  • Disc catching animation now displays how fast the player will throw the disc
    • We were looking for a way of expressing the game mechanic: “the sooner you throw the disc, the faster you throw the disc”. We decided to try making the disc look really energetic when the potential throw is fast, then have it calm down in the player’s hands as the potential throw becomes slower.
    • The player’s arm now slams back as they make the catch. The disc is spinning violently in their hand, glowing bright blue. As the disc spin starts to slow down, the light fades from blue to yellow, then stops glowing at all. The player is able to hold the disc calmly once the potential throw speed is at its slowest.

  • Graphics Settings Screen
    • Players can now alter their graphics settings in game. Previously this could only be done in the Unity launcher window.

  • More razzmatazz when a team wins
    • The game camera now has a variety of angles it can pan through when a team has won a round
    • When a team has won the match, the jumbotron does a quick demonstration of the order that the rounds were won, before announcing victory for the winning team. The camera is dynamically moving throughout, showing the jumbotron, the audience and the victorious team.


  • Game Logo
    • Progress being made on game logo. Will be an image “badge” with matching text to allow us a variety of formations of the logo.
    • Quite a large amount of discussion regarding the badge looking like other entities upon first glance, such as parrots and robots.

Bug Fixing

  • Music now loops cleanly rather than overlapping awkwardly
  • All menus now start with an item selected
    • Previously, the player’s first input on a menu would highlight the first menu button, which felt awkward when using a control pad.

  • Spiking will no longer flip the disc out of the court, resetting the rally
  • Players are no longer able to spike lobs
  • Force field shader no longer renders solid magenta on lower quality settings
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