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Summary of Gyrodisc Super League Development of Week Ending 22nd October 2015

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New Features

  • Update Gyrodisc Super League to use Unity 5.2.1
    • Bug in Unity 5.1.1f1 Linux builds where keyboard inputs would never clear forced us to upgrade.

  • Build and release of Linux and Mac demo
    • New demos now hosted on and IndieDB alongside Windows demo.

  • Character Select
    • Character stats now split off from character prefab to allow easier variation of stats between characters.
    • Character select page implemented using placeholder assets.

  • Community Build
    • New build type created for use at events. Is essentially identical to the demo but allows the player to restart the match upon completion.


  • We discussed how we want to address a continuing comment that our gameplay feels “floaty”. We concluded that our default speeds for disc throws, running and diving are too slow. Since we are modifying this part of the game anyway to add new characters, we’re going to adjust how these stats are stored and make them easier to modify. This should allow us to refine a sharper gameplay style.
  • We discussed some details on the next character. She is going to be another mid-range character but tending slightly towards being more agile than John. Her super will be a spiral that spins its way across the court.
  • We discussed potential pitfalls in how we are going to implement court variations. These are largely fears to do with AI pathfinding due to the presence of multiple nets, goals and obstacles.
  • We started implementing a material guide based on our current stadium to aid creating further environments by noting down how specific materials in our world look or should look.
  • We researched how other companies create a character concept and created a character concept system. Each step breaks down an element of the character’s design creating a more coherent final asset.
  • We discussed how we can help the player understand what each court element (goal, net, unbreakable block, breakable block) does based on what material it is made from.

Bug Fixing

  • Bugs introduced due to Unity 5.2.1 update
    • Fix for loading flow due to how Unity returns loading information changing
    • Fix for navigating menus with keyboard and joypads
    • Fix for textureless sprites no longer rendering as coloured rectangles
    • Implement latest Rewired
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