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Let's talk about the upgrade to Unity 5 and Champions.

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Since the last update we've been busily developing core technologies, creating tools, creating new levels, etc.

Here are the big items we have been working on.

Unity 5

Unity 5 Golem

We took the time to update Lord Of Decay to Unity 5 from Unity 4.5. Unity 5 adds some great features for us as developers and solves some problems we've been having.

The big gains:

  • A new rendering pipeline with Physically Based Shaders which makes materials look better and responds better to different lighting conditions.
  • Advanced Realtime Global Illumination which provides a quick easy workflow for us and delivers better colour and more even lighting.
  • Game performance has improved which enables the game to runs more smoothly even on low powered computers.
  • More Accurate AI path finding which allows NPCs to find more direct routes on terrain without getting stuck.
  • Better control of audio effects and music.


At the beginning of the game you will have the choice of selecting from a few champions with skills that suit their play style e.g. Brute Strength, Powerful Spell Caster, etc.

These twisted creatures are tremendously powerful and are different from the other minions in that they are summoned from the Void rather than reanimated from a corpse.
When a champion enters the battlefield the tide is bound to turn in your favour. Call on your champion when you need to deal with a formidable enemy or to tear through a large group of enemies.

Summoning a champion does come at a cost though. They require a great deal of Mana and Blood Sacrifice to summon and can only be sustained in the realm of the living for short time before they are drawn back to the shapeless realm of the Void.

Flesh Golem Champion

Flesh Golem

The first of the champions is the Flesh Golem. This champion has a great deal of strength and can deliver devastating blows and even stun your enemies if he can get close enough. The Flesh Golem can take a great deal of physical punishment, but he has a weak resistance to magic and ranged weapons.

Such a large champion is slow on his feet so you will need to protect him while he closes in on your enemies.


We recently licensed some music that better suits the tone of the game. Having a more consistent sound track goes a long way to capture the experience we are aiming for.


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Just a reminder that the Forum is live and is the best place to read our crazy ideas in the Development Logs or discuss game ideas.

While we are grateful to hear from you in emails and social media, we encourage you to share a question or a great idea on the forum so that we can all benefit from your input and work to improve Lord Of Decay together.

Our Friends

Before we go, our friends over at WillingShade Studios are currently working on Grimoire: Vengeance which is a fantasy Hack'n'Slash that has been getting a lot of attention lately. We encourage you to take a look.

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