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An overview of one of the biggest Blazing Beaks update releases including new area, enemies and boss.

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Update 15

Hi everyone,

These past couple of weeks we’ve been working very hard and the result is one of the biggest game updates so far: new area with enemies and boss and awesome location music track.

The new area is called Dry Lakes and can be reached by defeating the second boss of the game - Bogy and next going through the yellow door. As the name of the area suggests it’s very dry environment where the only signs of water being here are some plants around. Looks like every creature abandoned the area except enemies. There are 5 of them in Dry Lakes levels: Mud zit, Snapper, Pinky, Pin, Dart and 1 new enemy in boss level - Muck fly.

New enemies: Mud Zit, Pinky, Pin, Snapper:

Dry Lakes 1

New enemies: Mud Zit, Pinky, Pin, Snapper and Dart:

Dry Lakes 2

Muck flies in boss level:

Muck Flies

Area also has it's specific element - mud puddles which does not do any damage but slows down enemies and players while they are going through it. Mud puddles can be spawned at the beginning of the level or they appear after killing Mud Zit or Dart enemies.

Mud Puddles

Swamp, Graveyard and Red Forest have a unique boss and Dry Lakes is not an exception. We will not reveal how it behaves, but here’s a sneak peak preview of it’s appear state.

Boss Appear State

Detailed information about each and every update can be found here:

We constantly keep adding more content and improving the game and are very keen to see how the game will look in the future. And most importantly we want to say a big Thank You for our community for all the support and help. It’s the biggest motivation to keep going and making the game that you like and enjoy!

For those who would love to get more information you can check these resources:

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email us at:

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