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A breakdown of the past week, and the future of development.

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Hey everyone! :)

I have had a very busy week and have finally gotten a chance to sit down and do this. I hope that you've checked out the video I posted yesterday! It gives a better idea of what the gameplay looks like that images can't really relate.

Here it is, just incase you haven't. :)

As to the events of the week, let me run through the list that I had posted last week regarding what I wanted to get done;

  • British and French officer animations (Raise sword on Present, lower on fire.)
  • Sound effects for each stage of combat - Make Ready (Done), Present, Fire, and Reload.
  • Other sound effects for movement, bullet strikes, death groans.
  • Walking animations for British and French, as well as death animations for both sides.
  • Smooth movement

As for what I got done? Well, here's what I finished.

  • British and French officers are animated! They do as I had wanted, raising and lowering their weapons in combat as well as announcing commands.
  • Sound effects have been added, but not for Present and Reload. That, however, will be a relatively easy fix. :)
  • Other sound effects have been added, however. As you can see in the video, bullets sound when they hit as well as when they miss.
  • Bullets that hit the ground infront of soldiers now kick up dirt.
  • Walking animations are functioning, but they are not in game yet. They need a lot of tweaking and will probably be in the next update, as will smooth movement.
  • Death animations are in!! :) I think they look decent, but they are not the final product. There will also be variations, so it isn't just the same death animation over and over. Cannon strikes and musket strikes will be drastically distinct. :)
  • Oh, and I added a zoom key!

As I explained, death animations were the big thing that made it in this week. The sound effects are nice and all, but it's no fun to just watch that soldier you killed just up and vanish.

The game is coming together nicely, I think, for two weeks worth of work put into it. I want to see more variation in the battlefield units, so that it isn't just the same. I think that once I get the rank and file dressing working, and have the units spawning from an array, I will be able to add different units into the mix - so that some end up with a ripped jacket, or some have bandages, mustaches, etc. That will take a little while, though, as each of those animations need to be updated by hand for every variation. :P

So, this is where the game is at right now. I am going to be working on a lot of graphics stuff for the next week, as there has been a little snag in development code wise;

Construct 2 allows the use of events and such to develop your game. Well, in the free version, which I used to create this game so far, I have hit the limit of one hundred events. As you can see, it paid off - the game functions well - but in order to continue development I will need to get the upgraded license, which I am happy to do. Having just moved to a new state in the past month, however, I am a little strapped for cash. Development is not stopping on the game, but I can only work on art right now until I purchase that updated license. I added a donate button to the top of the page, and will link it at the end of this post. If you like what I'm doing and feel like you want to contribute a little bit, I'd very much appreciate it.

If you don't, then I will still continue development. I'm starting a new job in a few weeks and should have the cash to purchase a license sometime in the next few months, but until then I can, as I've said, only work on art. :)

My plans, however, for the next few months ( once I pick up the coding part again ) are as follows;

  • Add selection functionality for different regiments on the field.
  • Flesh out the current factions with other infantry options.
  • Add Austria and Russia as selectable factions for play.
  • Implement and create a pre-battle placement for players (probably using some sort of point system for selecting troops.)
  • Implement melee combat ( dependant on rank and file code, dressing ranks, selecting functionality. )
  • Cannons!
  • More death animations for soldiers, as well as improved animation quality for current animations in game.
  • Work on tilesets for maps. Current ones are placeholders.
  • Sound fx for ambience, orders, etc.

    So those are the plans. I hope that you folks like the game, and look on the page for more updates! Even if coding is not happening until I get a license, I can still post art and concepts. :)
    Until then, I'll see you folks next week!

    Here's the donate button, by the by!
    Follow progress updates on my twitter, too!

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