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Summary of Gyrodisc Super League Development for 18th November 2015

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New Features

  • Players can now choose a character to play as, with different outfits.
  • Players can now choose their level by selecting a court and a stadium.
  • Our character code has been split up into accessible stats for creating new characters. We have moved over several of these stats to use Unity’s animation curves to allow us to more visually design complex motion and timing (like the player’s dive and throw speeds).
  • Jess can now use her own super throw - a spiral that gets wider and wider as it travels across the court.
  • We have begun our second pass of gameplay. The aim is to make the game feel faster, sharper and more aggressive.
  • Throw and dive speeds are faster, but to compensate the player can no longer throw whilst diving- they instead enter a short throw state before each throw to help telegraph to their opponent that a throw is incoming.
  • Curve throws are now tuned to travel more horizontally and the disc loses its curve when colliding with an object (to stop the disc getting caught in big, repetitive swings on wider courts).
  • Animation transitions have been shortened or removed to make the game react more quickly. For example, the player now instantly snaps to the idle animation when the player stops moving.
  • Supers can now be thrown by releasing the throw button slightly before catching the disc. This had been causing irritation amongst players as they were technically releasing the throw and losing their charge before catching the disc.
  • We have made a court editor tool we can use in-house to quickly and accurately create new courts. Courts can be made up of moveable goals, nets, walls and score boosts.
  • Lob reticule asset was cleaned up and made of separately animated sprites.
  • Exporting to multiple platforms is now automated (for Windows, Mac and Linux).


  • We have a name and a line concept drawing for our second character - Jess Gyrodski! She and John may be siblings, but they have very different personalities. Whilst John is stoic and reserved, Jess is confident and outgoing. This is reflected in her outfit, which is lighter, contains more fabric and asymmetrical armour. Her and John are our two “medium” characters, with John being slightly stronger and Jess slightly faster.
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