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Hi guys! Just realized I haven't posted a proper dev diary since April. This is definitely not due to lack of progress on our part, but due to the fact that our current work has been so.. "Boring"?

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Hi guys! Just realized I haven't posted a proper dev diary since April. This is definitely not due to lack of progress on our part, but due to the fact that our current work has been so.. "Boring"? So I'll provide just a glimpse of the things we've done since April. WARNING! If you're easily bored by lists and "inside baseball" type stuff, scroll to the bottom please!! I thought seeing a list of our completed work in the past few months might interest some however.

#320 - Rule level for each rule
#319 - Factions system bugs 8-9-15
#322 - Error with orphaned claim flag record
#323 - Remove terrain block references array
#31 - Leather Drying Rack Model
#298 - Heartbeat disconnects after login_screen periodically.
#292 - making missions a little more user friendly and apparent to pla
#303 - Territory capture / flag changes.
#317 - blueprints being removed before item is placed
#308 - Mouse recentering bug
#304 - AI Movement rewrite
#290 - Locked combat AI behavior
#310 - players are going into character creation multiple times upon lo
#303 - Territory capture / flag changes.
#301 - two new mandatory mission rank rules
#305 - Add mandatory missions faction rules properly
#143 - missions todo: mandatory mission creation for faction leaders
#289 - Delivery missions
#295 - Fix Giants
#291 - Decision to fight
#297 - upgrade the grid vertices to have more per grid than 64 we have
#251 - char not working for exe - upgrade to 2
#288 - Leaving a faction, 2 warnings!
#281 - Should be able to see which blocks we are claiming, and the stat
#279 - All members of faction should get a notice when someone new join
#285 - Vassal states can see overlord's faction in their vassal list.
#283 - Faction territory should transfer ownership when a member joins
#277 - Faction Leave Notifications
#276 - Faction Join Requests/Acceptance
#280 - see wrong faction relationships
#284 - I joined Chris' faction and his faction is showing up under the
#278 - Faction Vassal system
#282 - The "This block belongs to" message shows incorrect information
#275 - some entities dont get formed properly
#162 - More textures available for vertex painting system
#199 - some stats not being displayed or sent to other clients
#259 - Entity Rotate issue at 180/-180 split
#274 - Notify client of skill level increase for abilities
#272 - Send terrain texturing updates back to clients when they change.
#266 - Add "in front of" scope
#256 - Afterlife system coding
#267 - Fix sea
#217 - moving items between bags doesnt detect desired location
#236 - Add interaction radius to objects and entities
#78 - Expand the character screen information
#80 - Come up with pleasing looking art for character screen stats vie
#4 - re-incorporate char
#175 - Grass Model
#177 - Candles
#172 - windmill model
#152 - character creation changes to satisfy new character options
#125 - ghost shader stuff is now pink in editor unsure on exe
#169 - Every ~250ms or so, there is a spike in GPU usage on client
#262 - Entities do not disappear when out of range
#81 - Another target 0 action crash of server
#149 - tree stump error while punching yourself in the face
#212 - create a hidden UI element on login to allow manual IP typing
#197 - Sounds for monsters
#96 - flag post and flag for claiming territory.
#161 - Add door object
#234 - Chat not working, cant click in or hit enter to type.
#170 - Need LOD version of tree
#252 - Objects still rotate when we receive a change object notificatio
#250 - ai server art replacement and improvements
#141 - Improve failure notices for various actions
#123 - Stop casting when a player moves their position and the ability
#21 - Skill level in tech increase with use
#240 - Attribute changes when abilities are used
#237 - placing new objects and object sending have different ranges, so
#242 - entity state getting stuck animations
#246 - NPC char dna
#244 - fix ai monster floating and anims
#243 - Fix ai monsters collision models
#245 - Faction id's for players getting unset
#238 - buffs need to unapply at death
#223 - Add new terrain stuff to ai server
#191 - Basic NPC entity
#220 - Finish Maintenance Window
#200 - AI servers disconnecting
#201 - AI server land area
#131 - texture disappears on char when minimizing
#144 - allow client side saving of 20 toolbar sets (12 per set)
#16 - refresh issue with UI disappearing, needing to minimize maximize
#233 - items in your bag that have a use should be able to be moved to
#232 - running and jumping should decrease stamina
#138 - Global cooldown
#214 - Cooldowns
#231 - Dealer takes all when trading same items
#221 - Change how buffs stack in preperation for combat system
#230 - attacking an object crashes server
#160 - Add chest object
#213 - Forge / Smelting furnace (very low tech)
#229 - when choosing spawn here ensure the terrain has colmesh added
#173 - apostrophes cause issues with SQL queries
#89 - Portrait and health bars for self
#23 - Hunger, Thirst, Rest affect other stats and abilities
#19 - dead players improvements
#9 - Demolishing things visual bug
#8 - alt tab screen freeze
#97 - Trading interface
#227 - Client hunger, stamina, mana are not updating
#226 - object loading / unloading not working since new terrain impleme
#198 - death of a monster

And this list is only about 3/4 of all the work we did during this time, as I had to scrub out some of the proprietary information. As you can see, most of it is just improvements upon systems, bugfixes, and mundane things you would expect to have in the game (such as trading or cooldowns) not the most exciting of things, but, of course, very necessary. Hopefully you see something in here that you would like to discuss in more detail! If so, reply here and I'll tell you all I know =)

tldr; we've been busy boys :D

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