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Here I begin to actually flesh out the lore of the mod. Stay tuned!

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The Brotherhood of Steel has inspired a number of copy-cat organizations across the wasteland, including the North Dakotan BoS chapter (also known as Midwestern BoS though the North Dakotan chapter doesn't represent all Midwestern BoS chapters). However, the North Midwestern BoS is radically different from their Brothers on the East and West coast in this respect...they view the radical isolationism and elitism of the East and West as a obstacle to the growth and evolution of the Brotherhood. Instead of viewing wastelanders as a nuisance or even threat, the Midwestern BoS seeks to aid and help the spread of non-violent technologies to the wastelanders in exchange for oaths of loyalty. Many of the Paladins of the Midwestern BoS will have tribal chiefs as vassals, and in exchange for technology and protection, the chiefs will provide their lords with food and a ready and willing recruitment base from which the Brothers can recruit prospective initiates. However, though they may share technology with the wastelanders, the Midwestern Brothers still keep advanced weapons and armor exclusively to themselves, and maintain a watchful eye on even their subjects.

The North Dakotan brotherhood is more poorly supplied than many of the other chapters across the United States. This can largely be explained by the lack of a real heavy military presence in the region before the apocalypse. As such, most of the Brotherhood in this region relies on the dated and less powerful t-45 power armor. However they are still a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. They prefer to use plasma weapons, preferring the slow but sure firepower that plasma provides.

The Brotherhood is not on good terms with most of the other factions in the region, especially with any of the super mutants, who they swear to eradicate.

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