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This week:

+ Trap.
+ Switch.
+ Door which open via Switch.
+ HP bar effect.
+ First level of dark location is remade.
+ Ruin Level

I say it's just a 1.5 level, but anyway it's something.

Thank you all for comments and tracking =)
Here the video of gameplay on first level, sorry for "lots" of sounds.

Beta gameplay - Indie DB

PS: In plan: Redraw zombie (that outline not feet style).

[TGW1918]Cireva - - 239 comments

nice work!

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Diddykonga - - 14 comments

Hey im liking the game so far, do you think i could make a small suggestion?

Do you think your hits could have some kind of knockback?

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2048Terrabit Author
2048Terrabit - - 90 comments

They have, but there ~40% chance that there will be knockback for swords and 100% for axes. Swords is little cheat if they have 100% chance of knockback so we made it this way =]

If you have another suggestion feel free to ask, we will think about it.

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SolidFake - - 1,200 comments

ahaha, that looks funny

only some small feedback: the gravity needs to be a little higher i think, when the knight jumps it looks like he flies in space
also some more sounds would be nice, like the zombies moaning and groaning, or some fleshshound when one dies and stuff

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