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Information on our current development level, our upcoming trailer, and our Alpha information.

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Hello All,

We've got a new trailer inbound, but we've had hiccups! You can find our exclusive Dev Blog on Steam Greenlight which can be found here: Steam Greenlight

In other news, we're pretty close to actually get people playing ABD. To enroll in our Alpha, please visit Alpha Enrollment and use our contact form at the bottom of the page with the subject line "ABD Alpha". Once we get the client a little more stable, and clean up some bugs we'll be injecting you guys into the world of ABD as soon as we can.

Alpha Information:
So we've got a ten(10) kilometer map that is finished, and we're going to be opening up the other ten(10) kilometer tiles when we're a little closer to a fully stabilized client. Secondly, the entire map "right now anyway" is a hundred kilometers(100km) which is truly enormous, added with our calculations and simulations we can host over ten thousand(10,000) players on it! It's about to get really crazy around here, as we get closer to the 10,000 player mark it will become the largest MMORTS to date. Not too shabby for an indie team.

Fun Stats:
Walking from one end to the other, resupplying every firty-five(45) minutes it will take you 160 hours to trek ABD. Crazy, right? If you play four(4) hours a day, every day of the week, it will take you forty(40) days to cross ABD. So if you're amassing an army, taking logistics and terrain into consideration, your enemies will have several weeks to prepare for your arrival. We will be posting player counts, maps, and perhaps even an interactive tracker during the Alpha testing to elaborate the scale of ABD.

Thank you for reading, we'll have more information in the coming days.

-Robert Bonner
ABD Producer
G.A.M. Entertainment, LLC.


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