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Hello everyone!! Sorry it has been a few weeks since last update, but I am still working on this and have a new progress report for ya... 

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Personal Note

Sorry again for delay getting this to you, I've had more 'real life work' come my way so the good news is I now have money to keep the lights on and my computer running....bad news I don't have as much free time to work on this as I'd like to...damn you irony! :) But still I am making progress....

Progress Report...

Over the last few weeks I did unfortunately have to back track a bit in order to fix a game breaking bug, however the problem script was found and I got everything working again, so yay back on track! Also...

  • Added 3 more factions.
  • Added new town menus (see pic)
  • Added more random events.
  • Added gold and iron mine buildings to villages OSP - thanks to AndyYa
  • Wrote my own Mining/resource script, there are now special resource sites scatted throughout the Isles that are owned by the nearest faction, these can be conquered. The sites (tin mines, woodcutters, farms, and quarry's) generate gold caravans each week for the faction that controls them, these gold caravans can also be attacked and raided on their way to the factions capital.
  • Also added working scripts inspired from VC, you can now work for an honest wage at these sites, or leave slaves to generate gold for you (at a cost to honor).
  • Added battle death cam.
  • Added VC's battle AI and formations script!
  • Added new particle effects to scene props - dependent on the season.
  • Fixed VC wound scripts.
  • Minor bug fixing.
  • Added troop tree buttons to party window.

Summing up

So summing up...we're getting there!! Probably only one more round of major feature adds, another 7 or 8 factions and I can start polishing and adding the unique quests and story-lines. Speaking of polishing, if anyone has experience with creating new items/weapons, or making quests and would like to help out on this please PM me.

Hope everyone has a great week!

- Lady Ashwood.

Talesz - - 17 comments

Good job.

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Thezombinator - - 55 comments

this seems really ambitious I just hope you don't stop halfway through

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Perriry - - 186 comments

This is pretty nice! Thank you!

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mikeboix - - 653 comments

Mod is looking really good. The inly thing that bothers me at the moment is that the troops do not look historically accurate at all at the moment, judging by this picture:

It looks like all the mods used are from native warband and they just look like 13th century warriors. It would be far more fitting to give them some brytenwalda gear. Have you read the warlord chronicles of Bernard Cornwell?


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Lady_Ashwood Author
Lady_Ashwood - - 382 comments

Hi, as you can see in my comments on the link, that troop tree was a work in process and not to be confused with what will be the final product. We will be working on the armors and textures more once the main codding is finished.

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