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Lots of new features, content, and bug fixes! I've overhauled a lot of things and paved the way for some exciting new features.

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New Features:

Seed Tech Tree/Progression:

Finally got around to redoing the seed upgrade system. There's now a tech tree that you can slowly climb, with different types of strains that have different attributes so now you can play with your own strategy regarding the types of plants you use. This should be a lot more fun this way and I'm excited to add more variations.

Dank Dungeon 2018 06 25 19 52 18

Added Post Processing:

Decided to add some simple post processing effects to the scene, mainly for a drug use feature coming in the future.

Dank Dungeon 2018 06 25 19 52 26

New Seed Variations:

I added two new seed variations, one grows slowly and you get a lot of money for harvesting it and the other is the opposite: it grows fast, but you don't get much for it.

Dank Dungeon 2018 06 25 19 53 09


  • New bud cola model
  • Added table decor object


Plant Growth Cycle Overhaul:

I completely redid the system that plants use to track growth and such. The animation is wayyyyy smoother and looks so much better. Here's a GIF:

Plant Growth

New Poster Textures:

Decided to fix the shitty poster textures, I mean they're still shit but they're a bit nicer.

New Posters Showcase


  • Tweaked drying rack limit
  • Adjusted object limit
  • Adjusted couch UV map
  • Decor objects no longer effect object count
  • Removed a lot of redundant code
  • Adjusted shop UI slightly

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed all poster placement glitches
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