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This is our second devblog for Granny's Day Off. This article will walk through some of the changes that we have made in this iteration of the game.

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This iteration for our game was heavily focused on polishing the game. One gameplay aspect we changed was having some of the NPCs holding special pies that they would drop when they were hit, then players could pick them up and use them. We changed a lot of UI elements to make them look better and added in a lot of juice to make the game feel better. We discovered that the gameplay loop of our game kept players engaged, so we decided that we would run with it and focus on polishing the game up instead. We added in death screens and created variations of the NPCs to give the game more variance. We created particle effects for the collisions of the pies and special effects for the special pies. We also added in a pause menu and reworked the tutorial. We also added in transition between screens in the game to make loads smoother.

We added in the pie dropping as this was a goal we had from the previous iteration and thought it could add in more aspects of the game for players to make decisions about. A lot of the juice we added in were just things we thought could make the game feel better and ideas we gathered from playtesting with classmates and friends. The particle effects allow the player to see the collisions easier and give the player more information. The death screens we thought would just be funny little jokes that would keep the game more light-hearted and comical. The pop up for the golden bear we changed because we noticed that players were not seeing it very easily, so we made it much more noticeable. The tutorial rework allows players to get the feel for the game much faster and easier than the previous iterations of our tutorial. We also created a trailer draft for our game that you can see here:

You can play the gamer here:

For the next iteration, our main focus will be finishing up the polish and submitting the game within the deadline. Wish us luck!

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