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Apply and you might be selected for the ARENA Beta Test including two levels from the story.

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Hello everyone I've got some very good news for you. The Arena mode of Desolated is now beta, meaning only some final balancing is there left to do or as I'd like to call it: some testing.

Arena Main Area - Easy and Medium Arena Main Area - Nightmare

So what is the Arena Mode? As mentioned in previous news it's sort of a survival mode where you have to stay alive in all the arenas. In between you can buy weapons, ammo, upgrade your skills etc. to prepare yourself for the coming dangers. Finally you'll arrive at a special room to unlock secrets and the Secret Boss Fight.

Skillbook Arena Map

The big question is: what is this news about? Well Desolated is going along, one mode is almost done, the storymode makes good progress... but right now I need testers for a Beta including the full Arena Mode and two Maps of the Story Mode. What you should come up with:

Requirements for the Beta Tester Job:
- some experience with shooters
- interest in the Mod for sure
- ability of criticism
- a reason why you wanna be a tester and which difficulty you'd want (easy, medium, nightmare)
- System with minimum GeForce 8800GT or Radeon 3850 (ATI: Catalyst A.I. must be disabled)

If you feel like testing, write me a PM and I'll answer within the next 3 days including the above and some informations about your hardware. For now that's all, there's not much left to say except that we're working very hard on the mod and it's completion.

To finally finish the game we need one Voice Actor to play the very important and only missing role of a TV News Moderator talking about very disturbing and horrible events. Again, if you wanna help, write me a PM!

Requirements for the Voice Actor Job:
- some experience with voice acting
- you must be able to display fear, anger and similar emotions
- you should have a voice that can be used for a news reporter
proper english

Okay guys, hope you like the news and see you later with more amazing stuff to come!


Jpmerida - - 203 comments

For the Beta Testers..
Yes I want to be..
but... sorry... i'm in my netbook.

btw.. im still tracking! =)

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Theon - - 713 comments

It looks wondeful!

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hemebond - - 185 comments

Why is this news item not against the mod?

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DaveTheFreak Author
DaveTheFreak - - 994 comments

Pardon me, but what do you mean exactly?

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hemebond - - 185 comments

The news item, as shown in the news feed, has no game or mod associated with it.

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