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Big Burgers Restaurant, The Park and Male character.

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Welcome again to another converting from 2D to 3D. This time it's Big Burgers Restaurant. It came a little more darker than 2D version, but I guess that's fine, considering game's theme. Still not finished, needs toilets and the second floor.


Next - the Park. I experimented a little with the atmosphere. These trees are custom build in Unity (some Standard Asset), but I think I'd like to change them to my own later, just to be safe.

But overall I think it's okay. Maybe needs more lamp posts. And I guess the ground could use some work.


And finally my first try at male character model. I wasted so many hours making little fixes and modifications that I just can't tell anymore if it's okay or not. I probably need a little break from it. I'll look at it again later. Guys are just too hard to model/draw for me, haha. Somehow I always give them girlish features, but maybe that has something to do with anime-ish influences.


I guess that's it for this dev log. Not too much, not too little. I am really enjoining this 3D stuff. Maybe making the demo won't take as much time as I anticipated.

Next time I'll try some rigging and animations, I wonder how that will turn out.

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