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New images have been added to the Indie DB site's image gallery. These images are not game footage but rather some of our design diagrams; we have simplified them a bit so they can be consumed as a stand alone image and will update them as development progresses. The goal is to share more of the design with the community and the design process.

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The images available to date show the galaxy layout and the current array of ships we have worked up. Neither is complete at the moment but you get a better idea of where we are going with it than you might from walls of text.

Ship List

The above ship list for example shows the ship type and classes we have worked up as well as some high level info on the ships. Keep in mined these are taken from our design tools so they are works in progress and everything is and likely will change several times before release but we will keep these images updated with the changes.

Later this weekend we hope to release parts of the event webs we have designed which will help give you an idea how story is handled in the game and what kinds of choices are available to you as you play through. In the mean time have a look at the 2 graphs we've posted today:

Galaxy, sectors, sub sectors and planets.
This image is taken from our galaxy diagram and shows the 16 sectors there respective sub-sectors and the planets within them. Sub-sectors are the level where you will find the aforementioned events as a rule and depending on how you go about playing you can take control of them and there parent sectors (if you have enough backing). Sub-sectors do contain more than a handful of planets those shown on the uploaded chart are the ones key to story elements currently under design. Once complete the graph will show all planets by sub sector that can be "worked".

This graph is a simplified layout of our ships at current; ships are divided by type and IDed by there class which defines there major features. Ships of course can be customized both in appearance and functionality via mods and the likes but that's a bit much to show in a single flat image.

Dont forget to stop by Project Greenlight and or Facebook to let us know what you think not to mention the comments and board section of Indie DB here. We are watching them closely for feedback and your comments will be taken into consideration as we round out the design of Project Fury.

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Project Fury has access to new dev tools to help with our definitive of sharing the development process with the community. Articy Draft is being loaded up with what we have to date and we will refresh the current content with output from it as soon as possible.

If your interested in Articy draft you can find there web site here ( sorry hyperlinks are allowed in comments.

The tool allows us to define and link just about every object, location and dialog in the game in one place then link them together. Now its editors are perfect for our needs but the exported results will need some work before they can be published so there may be some delay in getting the new formats out to every one but keep an eye open.

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