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“Desert Pirates”, a car combat game in which you lead a convoy through an endless and dangerous desert is riding to Steam

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Argentina, 2020.

Hello everyone! We are very happy to announce our game “Desert Pirates”, a car combat game in which you lead a convoy through an endless and dangerous desert.

We are in love with the name of the game, it represents what the game IS quite well, thank you.

About the game:

Lead a convoy made out of badass cars driven by unusual characters. Travel across a dangerous and endless desert filled with resource seeking opponents.

In this experience inspired by movies like Mad Max and spaceship roguelikes games, you can expand and improve your convoy, find new cars and swap out their weapons and tools, upgrade, repair and refuel them, feed drivers, and give out orders to help everyone survive.

Survive, conquer the desert, save your own. How far can you ride?


  • Unlock and collect badass cars: Find cars to restore in every run, and store them in your garage to use later. The desert is filled with hidden surprises!
  • Make runs with different convoys: Change your Convoy to fit your play style! Choose between Soldiers with Nitro, Heavy Soldiers with special weapons, start with additional food or gas, special systems like Shields, Radars, Decoys, and more!
  • Survive the desert: You will need to destroy enemy settlements in order to get the resources you need to repair and refuel your cars, and to keep your followers fed and hydrated.
  • Give orders to your Convoy: Stay together, or split up! Changing orders on the fly can give you an advantage against your enemies.
  • Classic Roguelike Features: Permadeath, Upgrades, procedurally generated areas. Every playthrough is different.

Our background:

After publishing “El Tango de la Muerte” I wanted to create a bigger game and that is impossible to do for my own, so I searched for people who I trust to make the perfect three head team: a developer, an artist and a designer (I think we miss some roles... We’ll figure it out o_0).

Esteban Pisera (developer) was the first to join, we worked together in a couple of studios before (Three Melons and Red Katana) and we had a good time doing so it was a no brainer. We had the first prototypes working in no time (such a LIE!!). He is a freaking genius (that is TRUE).

Then, we needed the art part and this game wanted to be in 3D. I manage quite well with 2D, but I don't know crap about 3D. Esteban either.

Here is where Ramon Lezcano (3D artist) joins the team and puts his magical hands into our horrible prototype, now we’re talking. Another colleague from Red Katana that is pure heart for what he does. Our horrible prototype flourish with lights and models and textures and that kind of secret things that make a game beautiful. Thanks Ramon, you are AWESOME!

SOoo, here it is! A “coming soon” store game. It’s like “pregnancy announcement” (?) But it isn’t a baby yet, (but is not a baby either Hernan), but you understand right, it feels like one, well, maybe not, but I think you do.... I’m confused, it’s a hard language, english.

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Contact and social:

Happy days everyone!

Hernan Smicht

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