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Heres an update on the progress of Dereliction, new features, video, and a demo soon! Dereliction is a FPS PvE Roguelike.

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Howdy everyone Fury here, Salt and I hope you guys have had a fun holiday season :) We’vebeen working super hard in the effort to release a demo around late January, here’ssome of the things we’ve gotten done as of now.

We’ve been doing a lot of playing around and reworking on the combat, lots of brainstorming and late night coffee’s.

So what we want to emphasize is the upcoming release of the demo, it needs to be fun, and to be fun its going to need a few things.

newCombat 5newCombat 4newCombat 3newCombat 2newCombat 1

It needs to feel good, Salt has rewritten the characters movement system, running was added, animations such as melee, running and reloading. And melee, player can stomp on boxes, kick exploding barrels, stomp on boxes.

Kick a filing cabinet into a bug. Etc.


Stomps stuns the bugs not squished by it. Exploding barrels and alt Grenades create noise that attracts the bugs / also stuns. Can be used for luring.

Bug combat and health has been reworked. Bugs have weak spots and tough spots. For example there’s a tough shell that protects them for 50% damage, but once it’s destroyed the area underneath is 2x vulnerable

Gun upgrades 2

We’ve also added more upgrades to the weapons. As well as the art to go with them. Even new first person hands to hold them.

Screen Shot 2021 12 12 at 12 11 00 AMScreen Shot 2021 12 06 at 6 29 24 PM

A fair amount of time went towards optimization. So far, so good we’ve ran into little to no slowdown from the bug count. And while there’s certainly room to improve. The bugs haven’t affected the frames, which is good. The bugs can be a bit overwhelming at times though, so many swarms.

We're mostly seeing what works by trying it, testing, and following what's the most fun.

Screen Shot 2021 11 29 at 10 22 39 AM

crumble 1crumble 2crumble 4

We’re also currently making the levels more vertical, with vaults and higher platforms. Also, doors can be locked, but they also need to be able to get broken down, and or, unlocked.

Screen Shot 2021 12 30 at 12 36 46 AM

This years been so crazy busy for us, but it’s been great getting to be a part of making this game with Salt and we’re both really happy with how it’s coming along, it’s been incredible seeing this game progress and I look forward to the new year together.

So expect to hear more soon, and to the demo being put in January. Assuming everything keeps going so smoothly. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year from our family to yours :)


hello, what a great game it looks, I was wondering if I can try it, I want to follow the process of serca, what a great promise !!

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