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The depths have been completed, marking a major milestone for Sotha Sil Expanded.

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For those curious, Sotha Sil Expanded is divided into six major sections, each defined by a major change in style.
We began with the outer city, which is mostly a mixture of caves and pre-Sotha architecture.
What comes next is the inner city, which is mostly on fire.
The next part, which was recently completely, was the depths of Sotha Sil.
This area serves as sort of a dumping point for the city. All of Sotha Sil's rejected or abandoned projects are sent here to rust and die. But not all of them are completely destroyed or abandoned, and as the player soon finds, a few of those projects want revenge.
The depths are a major change of pace in the mod. There are no puzzles, and it is instead, combat heavy. There are quite a few deathtraps and surprises down there for the player, as well as some interesting tidbits about Sotha Sil himself, as well as the history of the Clockwork City.
Again, this marks a major milestone for the mod, as with the third part of six completed, we reach our halfway point.
Images can be found in the screenshot gallery. What they mean is up to you.

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