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So, the first version is out! It contains in-game ready LR Achilles, Achilles Alpha and MkIIb. Beside of this, I´ve released a new weapon model - Graviton Cannon for destroyer squads.

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Finally, you can get those new Land Raiders for your mod. Thanks to jONES they´re now ingame and pretty much working (even though they could get some polishing).

Download them HERE.

Land Raider MkIIb

An ancient version of LR. - evolved from the Spartan Assault Tank and later replaced by the well known Phobos variant. It has the same arnament as its younger brother, just with worse firing cones.
Credits: model - Seregruth; textures - Enpremi (side sponsons); Seregruth (hull); coding - jONES

Land Raider Achilles

This is a very rare variant of Land Raider, fielded only for the most important missions. Armed with twin-linked multimeltas and thunderfire cannon it can deal with most enemies. Thanks to its special plating, it´s even more durable than usual LRs.
Credits: model - Seregruth, FOK (kitbash from their multimeltas); textures - Enpremi; coding - jONES

Land Raider Achilles Alpha

A combination of both of LRs mentioned above - an Achilles with the hull of a MkIIb. It features the thunderfire cannon and dual volkite culverines or twin-linked multimeltas (both coded within the model, ask coders to pick the right variant).
Credits: model - Seregruth; textures - Seregruth; coding - jONES

Resource Pack

I´ve also decided to release all materials shown on this site. This means all LR models (these 3 + Ares + Terminus Ultra) and some accessories (reinforced plating).
They´re not ingame ready but you might use them anyway, if you can make them playable... Download HERE.

Graviton Cannon

Another addon for download is the graviton cannon for WH40k destroyer squads. You can download the mesh and team-colourable textures HERE.

That´s all and thanks for attention,



Excellent! ;)

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Badass man! Seriously, this is some good wargear!

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