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Patch to fix more than 84 new issues and add new features. Arx Insanity demo is now available to download in a stable version. Play and test the first levels from the game as early access, from sneak and use stealth in the dark goblin prisons, visit the human outpost and survive the dangers of the crystal caverns.

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Hello friends, some people have been asking what happened with the mod development, we took a rest since January and we resumed activities in March, we needed that rest and now we are returning to finish the project, currently we are remastering every 3D weapon model and adding new features in the gameplay to release a final demo patch, also we are developing miscellaneous assets, textures and scripts, after that very hard work will come, if you want to discover more internal news don't forget to join with our discord, thanks for your support.


Patch 0.4.71 has been released solving and balancing some issues found in the latest one:

  • Fixed a bug with 2 trapdoors at the outpost
  • Fixed Kultar not firing the first cinematic at the prison
  • Fixed a wrong description for the medicinal herb
  • Buff for the drop attack game mechanic, now they inflict more damages
  • Nerf for general npcs in insanity and nightmare difficulties
  • Taar is now on its old spot and not inside a crate anymore

The latest patch is now available in 2 versions, full and patch only. 84 new bugs fixed, requests and new features done, update your demo installation to this latest version to get an improved game and a better experience.

In the most important changes and addons:

  • Optimized all-fog quality to significantly increase game performance on most systems and very high resolutions
  • Fixed a bug with a door not opening when showing a gem dealer license at the prison introduced in the previous patch
  • New magic system and balance
  • New and improved drunkenness system
  • Updated level design and level lighting for some levels
  • Localization minor improvements
  • Fixed some buggy goblins not hearing noises in the goblin prison
  • Nerf for drop attack and added a new system for them
  • Nerf for trapdoors and new system for them
  • A few brand new gameplay mechanics
  • New sound effects
  • General bug fixing and improvements


To install the latest version or reshade read the complete updated instructions once again.


Old saved games from old Insanity demo versions/vanilla/libertatis are incompatible with new patches, so start a new game to apply all changes and avoid corrupt scripts or broken games, thank you very much.


There are 2 different downloads available for version 0.4.7:

  • 0.4.7 Patch only version: this just include updates so it's required to have 0.4.5 (Or latest) previously installed before hand (0.4b is obsolete and not supported).
  • 0.4.7 Full version: this is an all-in-1 package (Full Insanity demo + patch), if you don't want complications just install this package and you're done, older demo versions or patches aren't required.

To download any version click here


Now you can play Arx Insanity testing the first levels of the game as early access, sneak and use stealth in the goblin prisons, visit the outpost and survive the dangers of the crystal caverns. This demo is only available in English, Spanish, Russian and Italian. Thank for all your support and for the recent inconveniences. More updates are coming in the next weeks.

We hope you'll have fun in this Arx adventure, it was a hardcore week but finally the demo is here, don't forget to share your experience!.


You can download the mod here:

Demo download

Also don't forget to join our discord server dedicated to Arx Insanity and Arx Fatalis

Join the discord server

demo oct30


First of all, plans for Arx Insanity continue for October 30th, a demo will be released featuring 5 levels from the game, also including the full modifications from this first part of the game. The full version has been postponed until further notice.

The coronavirus pandemic situation is very difficult for all of us, from financing, time and difficulties. Even with the maximum efforts, it was really hardcore, I lost my job and now there is a lack of one, money, time, modding work overload and health problems, all of this affected the development schedule.

Read the complete statement here

trailer release


Finally, I'm happy to announce the Arx Insanity demo release date, after 6 years of development the mod is in a final state and it's getting solid, so the date is close and the mod demo will be released on NOVEMBER 8TH 2020, starting with a beta release!.

Development is intense and day to day the mod is being improved and approaching the conclusion, the long wait is almost over.

Plus, to commemorate the release date announcement, a first trailer for Arx Insanity is now released!, you can watch it in the link below:


Nice! Gotta say, my only disappointment with this is that it ends, lol. All the gameplay, graphical etc. enhancements are excellent! I wish there was a way to play the rest of the game with at least the gameplay systems, but I can see how it's dependent on the revamped maps, too.

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Pedro_Ordaz Author

Thank you very much for your kind of words! Your support gives a lot of motivation to continue working and improving the project, the demo is short but I think these 4 levels will give you an idea about how the mod will be, the time it takes to finish the project will be worth it, the other levels are more faithful to the original game and there is too much new lore and details to discover, thanks for playing

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Yeah, it gives me a nice sort of Deus Ex/Thief vibe since you've expanded so well on the player freedoms the game already had. One thing I did notice was combat felt a bit easier with the adrenaline blows, but I assume the later game stuff is probably harder to even it out.

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Is there a way to get the bug fixes and optimisations without the new features?

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Pedro_Ordaz Author

Hi, the mod is almost a different game, I mean absolutely everything was changed and replaced, scripting is more complex and detailed in the mod, it's a huge ecosystem and it's not possible. You can play with textures or sounds separately but not what you mentioned

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Uhhh! =) Again, that was a quick one. Did you and your team discovered the Real-Life Mega Movis - Spell, or what? Nice little improvements Mr. Ordaz. ;)

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Pedro_Ordaz Author

Thank you very much for your support Greg :)

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